Different perspective

Ourania Chamilaki, Barcelona

Projects on found wood and discarded cardboard. The main interest of the artist is standing amongst the denial and rejection of the urban society, with the result of offering us delusions and architectural utopias. He selects materials with weathered appearance to use as his canvases, representing the neglected quality of low-income families in Berlin.

The result he achieves is incredibly convincing architectural illusions through clever incorporation and combination of torn edges, dents, tape fragments, box makings and exposed corrugated textures.
The domination in Evol´s pictures are the architectural elements and their photographic precision is a result of the elaboration of a multitude of labour intensive stencils that are processed and applied with spray cans on found wood and discarded cardboard. All this reverse imaging process finally concludes in an extremely convincing result, that happens to be a combination/synthesis of photography-graffiti-painting and drawing.

While staring at Evol´s work mixed thoughts and comments are coming into my mind.
Finding his façades on these converted canvases are a very clever expression to attribute to the poverty of a family and to reflect the disparity of a society.
But what I see through that?
I see optimism and hope.

In total contrast with the artist´s concept I find these facades full of young people´s dreams.
Living in a student city for more than 4 year, having changed 3 houses and having packed more than 200 cardboard boxes with my personal belongings, I truly feel that Evol´s houses express my life and how it feels
not having a base.
I could never find a more representative way to liken the facades of the scariest – adventurous - instable but above all, wonderful years of a young person,
the student years.